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What is embedded software development?

Embedded system design is present in many industries. It has been growing in popularity alongside the rise of IoT (the Internet of Things).

Embedded software development involves taking traditional hardware engineering and adding software to the project. This enables the device to process data and integrate with other services.

This data is often used to enhance user experience and to drive further sales. Additionally, the ability to communicate with other devices around the home can prove useful.

Such devices can be found within many household appliances and the automotive industry. We are also seeing an introduction into sport for both user convenience and safety.

Computing power continues to increase whilst cost and size falls. Embedded systems programming becomes more popular in our homes as this trend continues. In some cases, it is already a necessity.

New solutions emerge daily, aiming to improve the lives and wellbeing of humans. The environment also reaps the benefits with a number of high profile products such as the Nest thermostat. We're proud to be involved in these pioneering tools.

Embedded systems design & development

We use Elixir to code complex integrations. Suited to both traditional serial comms (such as RS232/RS485) and modern TCP/IP protocols.

Elixir is based on Erlang, originally used to process telecommunications data across switchboards. It provides a quality foundation for processing large amounts of data in a fast and reliable fashion. This makes it ideal for use in embedded software development.

We're working with European Golf Machinery, to modernise their driving range ball dispensers. Our software, hosted on Raspberry Pi, translates bit-data into a RESTful HTTP interface. This has opened their product up to integrations within the web application market. As a result, their customer base has seen steady growth since release.

For more delicate hardware requirements, we turn to Arduino. We've prototyped many products with the Arduino Uno and the wearable Lilypad.

We can assist throughout the entire project-phase. From specification and design to prototyping, development and high-volume custom PCB production. And it doesn't end there! We'll be on hand to help market and grow your product post-launch.

Let's build something together!