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AWS Consulting - Your head start with the world's most powerful cloud computing platform.

The world of cloud computing isn't as daunting as it may seem. But getting it right is no stroll in the park either.

Even the best software is worthless without the foundation of a solid infrastructure.

We work alongside your developers, ensuring the best platform to scale your software.

Let's build something together!

The revolution of cloud hosting providers

When Amazon launched their AWS platform, it featured only a handful of services.

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) offered the infrastructure to spin up servers on demand.

Relation Data Store (RDS) allowed developers to provision a managed SQL database at the click of a button.

Simple Storage Service (S3) provided a cheap and easy way to store terabytes of objects.

Route53 took care of DNS.

Everything you needed to replace your traditional dedicated server or VPS.

Traditionally you could wait hours (even days) for your service to provision. AWS introduced on-demand self-provisioning for everybody.

Serverless infrastructure, Alexa, machine learning & more...

The number of services offered on AWS has grown rapidly in recent years. There are now a vast number of services, eclipsing the initial basic web hosting services.

With every innovation comes new technology. The release of the Amazon Echo saw Alexa introduced to AWS. Alexa allows for speech recognition and synthesis via a simple software integration.

Let's build something together!