I’m Matt. An experienced software developer & tech lead available for contract roles. Currently working with Ruby on Rails, Elixir, ReactJS & React Native.

I am fiercely passionate about startups and digital entrepreneurship. I’ve been a part of many startup success stories (and failures) with roles including co-founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Startup Heroes is a platform for entrepreneurs to share knowledge and resources and to tell their own unique story.

Currently reading: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking to improve my product management techniques. The Lean Startup provides a unique look at a process which aims to prove that it’s okay to take risks and make mistakes along the way to success.
Client Projects

Embedded Software Development for European Golf Machinery

EGM partnered with Startup Heroes in 2017 to provide maintenance and up-to-date solutions for their fleet of golf ball dispensers. Using Elixir for its fast and efficient process handling and serial communications, we have been able to introduce a modern REST API for web app communications hosted locally on Raspberry Pi devices. In addition to the Netbox product, we are working to develop a new generation of touchscreen dispensers to place EGM at the forefront of the market in Europe.
Elixir Embedded
Product Development

On Brand Social - Collaborative Social Media Campaign Management for Businesses

Many organisations rely on a sole person to handle social media relations for fear of tarnishing their online brand. On Brand Social is our newest product, currently undergoing internal testing, and allows businesses and organisations to appoint a committee of individuals with the ability to submit and peer review social media posts to the most popular platforms. This allows for more content whilst mainting and high standard of on-brand messaging via peer review.
Ruby on Rails ReactJS
Product Development

Sports Payment Solutions - Digital Membership & Ticketing Solutions for Sports Clubs

Working with clubs and leagues at grassroots and semi-professional levels to develop the next generation of tools for sports club management and payments. With solutions including electronic ticketing and payments, traditional & digital marketing and unique stadium entry systems we are revolutionising the industry one step at a time. Our overall goal is to increase revenue for clubs whilst improving the matchday experience and safety of supporters.
Ruby on Rails Stripe Connect Embedded
Product Development

Beer Festival Buddy - Companion App, Market Analytics & Ticketing for Food & Drinks Festivals

Who doesn't love a good beer festival? Festivals have become part of out national identity with events available throughout the calendar year. We've merged tradition with technology, empowering users to discover and attend beer festivals regardless of size and popularity. Furthermore, we're supporting festival organisers & craft brewers by offering a platform that allows them to reach new customers through our free directory, paid advertising and to collect and analyse feedback from festival attendees.
Ruby on Rails React Native